All You Need To Know About Indian Clothing


India is tradition and culture rich country. People here adore colorful clothing and accessories whenever possible. If you have ever visited India, you will notice that each state has its own type of costume. The variety in Indian clothing range is huge although Sari for Women and Shirt and Pant for men is common throughout the country.

Indian women wear sari on regular or casual wear but when it comes to grand occasions they wear ghaghra choli, which is a long skirt with a grand dupatta and designer blouse. A sari is a 6 meter cloth which is wrapped in a unique style to wear it and women look marvelous on saris. Indian clothes have seen many changes in the past few decades, people like western clothing more than Indian these days but that doesn’t mean Indian clothing is on verge of extinction.

Young girls and women of India love to wear salwaar kameez, which is a long t shirt fitted right for your size and a loose pajamas and are tightened only near the ankles. The pants are mostly two types pyjamas and chudidar, where the pants are much similar to the modern day leggings.

When we talk about men’s clothing, they normally wear tailored full/half shirt and straight fit pants. Though the men also wear Indian clothing but not in everyday use only during celebrations. In rural India you can still see men wearing turban, kurta and langoti but modern India in cities and town had left those wear back and moved n with comfortable shirts and pants. Even children are given first preference to comfort and then style or traditional clothings. It becomes more important to care for kids clothing as they have sensitive skin and tend to get rashes quite easily.